Michael C. Jardin Fine Gardens creates unique garden settings.

Michael has a way of analyzing a space and carving the best from it.

He loves to use specimen size plant material to create a sense of immediate age.

Michael is known for his ability to use plant material in a manner that creates site lines and vistas within a property, no matter the size.

Michael’s specializes in antique and reclaimed granite stonework. He can build you a custom granite archway or a simple set of bluestone stairs.


Services offered include:

  • Garden design.
  • Garden consultation.
  • Garden installation and maintenance.
  • Site evaluation.
  • Transplanting oversized material.
  • Custom designed stone work including: patios, walls, staircases, arches, pergolas, planters, water features and fountains.

I have a Frank Lloyd Wright home on a small lot. Michael is most talented at understanding the design approach to dealing with a home with very severe architectural lines. His strong sense of scale was also supreme. Watching the whole project come together is like watching an impressionist painter with every detail like a brush stroke on the canvas.

Michael is also fastidious about the overall supervision of his projects and seeing that his instructions to his staff are very detailed. His support staff is as impressive as Michael in executing all the specifications of the job. I also appreciated that Michael's support staff never leaves the job until it is totally complete and they are a dream to work with.

Some extra but much appreciated characteristics of Michael is that he provides you with lots of information about maintaining the plantings. My garden has been a phased approach so it has been an ongoing educational experience. I really needed this because I lived in the historic section of a city for thirty plus years so had minimal gardening experience.

Emery Huston Marion, Massachusetts
Michael Jardin transformed our pedestrian landscape comprised of lawn, random specimen plantings, and a clamshell parking lot into a landscape worthy of a garden show. His initial research regarding our goals for the landscaping project was quite detailed, resulting in a comprehensive plan understood by both parties. Complete with stone walls and walkways, bluestone patio work, and an amazing combination of native and "could be native" perennials - all requiring a minimum of maintenance - the property is now a showcase of Michael's talent and vision that we appreciate immensely every day of every season.
Kathy Billings
  • New England Spring Flower and Garden Show ‘Best of Show’ 2007
  • Superlative Award for Garden Ornaments 2007
  • Albert C. Burrage Gold Vase for Outstanding Exhibition 2007
  • Gold Medal from Massachusetts Horticultural Society 2007
  • Chicago Horticultural Society Award 2007
  • New Exhibitors Certificate for a New Approach to Garden Design 2007
  • Superlative Award for Specimen Plants 2007
  • Superlative Award for a Rural Garden Landscape 2007
  • Boston Flower and Garden Show ‘Best of Show’ 2010
  • Landscape Design Council Award for Distinctive Design 2010
Contact Information

Michael C. Jardin Fine Gardens is located in Southern Massachusetts, but we work througout New England from New Hampshire, to Rhode Island including Cape Cod.

Address: Lakeville , MA. 02437
Phone: 774-526-8168